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Re(3): Hollywood Entertainers

Another time about Dec 1967 or early Jan1968 (I cant remember) I was returning to Saigon in a Jeep after a Touigh operation In Rung Sat Special Zone. As you looked back towards what we left there was a very black smoke cloud rising upward. It was from some 55 gal drums of fuel oil that we had discovered on the Op and we set fire to, and also confiscated about 50 of them in a LCVP It was a camouflaged VC storage site and area along the Soi Rap river (SE edge of. Rung Sat. When we got into Saigon we were told the BRINK BOQ had been bombed & blown by the VC (car with explosive was driven underneath in the parking) and there were many US casualties We surmise it was planned for the Bob Hope show scheduled that day, but fortunately the day/time had been changed and the show not held at the time of the detonation. After that, ALL vehicless on entry of Saigon BOQ's were checked by MPs including a large mirror on a stick for and underside view. I was disappointed I was hoping to see the show with all the pretty round eyes :-)
all Funny thing all GI working in Saigon were not allowed to be armed. AS an advisor we carried weapons to and from "work" and where we had place to get a shower and clothes cleaned . THe trip to to the day job was Jeep at high speed through VC night-contriolled areaa and vills. No problem rush hour traffic in Saigon as we ignored all traffic rules whenever it was safe.

us trops with duty in
saigon were not allowed to be armed, but as advisors operating outside we were alway armed - of course, not when in civviess on liberty in Saigon.


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