Modern day slavery

Modern day slavery in NHS: This is how it works
1. Hire middle grades from foreign countries at cheap rate
2. Make sure they are visa dependent and can not have too much liberty to move about (liaise with home office to make visa rules accordingly)
3. Make sure they don't get visas for more than 2 years.
4. Make sure to set all the necessary roadblocks so that they can not progress in career
5. After 2 years, kick them out
6. NHS doesn't have to pay any long term benefits (pensions etc) to temporary workers
7. Go to developing countries and tell them all crappy lies about "excellent training opportunities" and how much the NHS cares and values foreign doctors (aka slaves).
8. At the end of 2 years, entice som other gullible foreigners again and another new cycle of exploitation and slavery begins!
Disclaimer: NHS is equal opportunities employer (for white British males only)!


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