Re(1): Modern day slavery

1. Totally atrocious time-table is handed over after initial few days. They (consultant, manager, HR) will not reply to your emails for timetable prior to visa application.
2. When you ask for change - they threaten - this is reportable to GMC - create another trap for you.
3. Manager/Consultant will change the timetable for others in split second, however when you ask - first the GMC threat comes and later they will say - any change will come after 6 to 8 weeks, by then they have another story to convey
4. Currently, new slavery is Locum Consultant job with 10 clinical sessions.
5. When you ask for theatre session - they will say: you are not used to the system yet, your services are more needed at Eye casualty, primary care clinics, glaucoma or medical retina clinics. Keep doing for ever...
6. This is deceiving/deceitful UK.


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