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Re(2): The Soda Tax

Charlie ,I liked Coke but as a frugal Teenager I opted for the bigger bottle for my nickle. As I now recall, I did not prefer any cola drink as they tasted the same with slightly difference; but when i went down south , DR. Pepper, and other strange soda drinks (called "Pop" in Chicago land) was always a hard choice. I recall all, the coke dispenser - that popped out a small green glass curved coke bottle and some time very ice cold. And at Quantico as a Corporal I remember Troops discovered that if you kicked one of those coke dispense big bulky machine in a certain spot after your bottled dropped out (timing was essentia) as you could get the machine to pop out another bottle free -) While I was in Vietnam, my favorite drink was a cold bottle of BIRELEYS ORANGE that was a soft drink (not a soda) that I liked as a kid> I would pay a buck for one now. It is now bottled in Japan somehow the
US company that made in the USA weas sued and fined and stoppedd maling in the states. Something about advertising of the ingredients.

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