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Researchers at University College London (UCL), the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and the Centre for Veterans’ Health at King Edward VII’s Hospital are carrying out research to look at the relationship between the mental health of veteran fathers and that of their children. It is hoped that this research will help to influence the type of support veterans and their families receive and how that support is offered.

They are contacting veterans through various military organisations (including the Fusiliers) and they are writing to ask if you would be willing to complete an online questionnaire to help them understand more about this important issue. Please read the Participant Information Sheet attached which provides more detail about the study and the criteria that participants need to meet in order to take part.

If you have time I would encourage eligible veterans to take part in this important study.

Dear Sir,

Why participate:
• you will be contributing to research to improve support for veterans and their families.
• it will take just 20 minutes to complete.
• you will be entered in to a lottery to win amazon gift vouchers (a total of £200 available).

If you are interested in participating:
• please read the attached information sheet.
• If, after reading the information sheet, you decide you would like to take part, please e-mail veteranresearch@ucl.ac.uk stating that you would like to participate.
• Or if you have any questions, please e-mail the above address and one of the research team will get back to you

What will happen next:
• you will receive an e-mail providing you with details of how to access the questionnaires securely online.
• Once you’ve completed the questionnaires, your e-mail address will be added to the lottery and you could win up to £50 in amazon vouchers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Emma Jones and Ben Shanmugam
University College London

Project Title: Understanding Mental Health in Military Families
This study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee (Project ID): 15069/001
What is the participant information sheet?
This information tells you more about the study. Before you decide whether you would like to take part, it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Please take the time to read the following information carefully and do not hesitate to get in contact if there is anything that is not clear, or if you would like more information.
What is the purpose of the study?
We want to better understand the mental health of veteran families. In particular, we are interested in whether there is a relationship between the mental health of veteran fathers and their children. We hope this will influence how support is offered to veteran families.
Why have I been chosen?
We are not approaching any veterans directly to ask them to take part in the study. Veterans who get in touch with us to say they are interested in participating (self select) and who meet the study inclusion criteria can take part.
You can take part if you meet both criteria:
1. You are a male veteran
2. There is at least one child in your household aged between 4-17 years
What would I need to do?
Once we have your consent, you will be sent an email invitation asking you to complete a series of questionnaires, on behalf of yourself and your child. These questionnaires will be completed online and should take between 10-15 minutes. You can fill in these questionnaires at a place that is convenient for you, using any device that has access to the internet (e.g. computer or smartphone).
Do I have to take part?
Your participation in the study is entirely voluntary and confidential. If you choose to take part you will be asked to sign a consent form. You can withdraw at any time during the process without giving a reason and there is no penalty for withdrawing.
What are the possible benefits of taking part?
It is hoped that this piece of work will help generate valuable information about mental health in military families. More specifically, participants will be contributing to the generation of knowledge from which veteran families can benefit and we hope that this can lead to better support being offered by clinical services in the future.
Are there any other incentives to taking part?
If you participate in the research you will be entered into a prize draw to win Amazon vouchers. There will be:
• 2x £50
• 3x £20
• 4x £10.
If you withdraw from the study you will still be eligible to be entered into the draw. You will be informed if you have won a prize via your email address.
Will my taking part in this study be kept confidential?
If you participate in the study, your data will be anonymous:
- The only ‘personal’ data (i.e. data that could be used to identify you) you will be asked for is your email address. This is so we can create an account on our secure data collection platform.
- You will then be assigned an ID number. Once the ID number has been emailed to you, your email address will be stored separately in an encrypted file so that we can contact you about the lottery of gift vouchers. Once the research is complete, your contact email will then be permanently deleted. Your subsequent responses to the questionnaire will be linked to this anonymised ID number only.
- Your participation will not be identifiable within reports or publications.

If you participate in the study, your data will be kept confidential:
- All data will be collected and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation (2018).
- Only the researchers involved in this study will have access to your anonymised questionnaire answers. These will not be shared with any third parties.
- Your data will be stored in the UCL ‘Data Safe Haven’, a secure storage facility.
- Your personal data will not be stored for any longer than is necessary for the purposes of this study, after which the research team will delete it.
Limits to confidentiality
Confidentiality will be maintained, unless participants disclose something which leads the research team to be concerned about risk of harm to themselves or others. In this situation, the Principal Researcher has a duty of care to inform relevant agencies. If this is necessary, the Principal Researcher will always seek to discuss this with the participant first.
What will happen to the results of the research?
The results of this study will be fed back to the Medical Advisory Committee of COBSEO (the Confederation of British Service Charities), which works to further understand the needs of veterans and inform the care that is offered to them. The research will also be submitted as part of our Clinical Psychology doctorate theses and may be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. No participants will be identified in any publication.
Data Protection Privacy Notice
The controller for this project will be University College London (UCL). The UCL Data Protection Officer provides oversight of UCL activities involving the processing of personal data, and can be contacted at data-protection@ucl.ac.uk

This ‘local’ privacy notice sets out the information that applies to this particular study. Further information on how UCL uses participant information can be found in our ‘general’ privacy notice: For participants in health and care research studies, click on this link: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/legal-services/privacy/participants-health-and-care-research-privacy-notice

The information that is required to be provided to participants under data protection legislation (GDPR and DPA 2018) is provided across both the ‘local’ and ‘general’ privacy notices.

The categories of personal data used will be as follows: Email address

The lawful basis that would be used to process your personal data will be performance of a task in the public interest.

The lawful basis used to process special category personal data will be for scientific and historical research or statistical purposes.

Your personal data will be processed so long as it is required for the research project. For the duration of the project, we will pseudonymise the personal data you provide. We will endeavour to minimise the processing of personal data wherever possible.

At the end of the project (expected to be July 2020), data will be fully anonymised. Anonymised data will be retained for up to 7 years after the project is complete, as it may be used as a comparator for future studies (e.g. to determine whether mental health in veteran families improves).

If you are concerned about how your personal data is being processed, or if you would like to contact us about your rights, please contact UCL in the first instance at data-protection@ucl.ac.uk.

Contact for further information or assistance
You will have received a copy of the Participant Information Sheet for your records electronically.
If you have any further questions or would like assistance at any point during the study, please contact Benjamin Shanmugam or Emma Jones (Trainee Clinical Psychologists) at UCL on veteranresearch@ucl.ac.uk. In the case of a complaint, please contact Dr Laura Gibbon on l.gibbon@ucl.ac.uk
Name and contact details of the principal researcher:
Professor Peter Fonagy - p.fonagy@ucl.ac.uk

Thank you for taking the time to read this information sheet and for considering to take part in this research.


Forever England, Forever Friends, Forever Family

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