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Post-Truth American Southwest long fic HELP!

I have long been out of practice reading XF fanfic, like a decade and then some, but something recently triggered a very strong memory of a fic I have vivid but fragmented recollections of, and I've searched far and wide and not been able to figure this one out. I'm now worried I may have conflated multiple fics into one from different eras, but I thought maybe someone here might remember this one and be able to help me identify and/or find it. Here are the specifics:

- this fic was housed on the author's own fancy website, in parts as a WIP (I think?) suspect a fairly well known author in the fandom. What I remember most strongly is that this main landing page had some kind of animated GIF or flash 'opening' which looked quite slick for fanfic. Almost like it had its own little movie trailer or teaser complete with music looping in the background. Might have been imagery of red rock buttes, Monument Valley. I even think I remember the music - it is from "Conduit", sad Mulder hypno regression music. A link to this music from YouTube:

- the fic did have a plot - mytharc, had Mulder, Scully and William together as a family or else reunited and Monument Valley was a major setting as a possible ground zero or secret hideout for a future resistance from alien invasion

- My guess is I was following this fic sometime soon after The Truth aired? 2002-2005 era? But maybe it was later than that? I feel it was certainly before the second movie came out, and I feel I had fallen out of much of fandom by the point of I Want to Believe anyway.

- In my search to recover this fic, I have done some digging on old sites and Gossamer and am confident that even if I am remembering some details wrong above it is NOT: Arizona Highways, Mesabi Ferum, Skinwalkers, Abbadon's Reign

Does any of this sound at all familiar to anyone? Greatly appreciate any help, it's kind of driving me nuts. Because it was housed on an author's own website, this is why I think it is may be so hard to find or identify now? Site is likely long defunct and maybe never was archived elsewhere. I can't even remember if the story was ever completed.


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