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Re(1): Regulating Semi-Automatic Weapons

The politicians claim they want to prevent “gun violence,” but their desire is to control the “guns” because they can’t do anything about the “violence.” All aspects of entertainment—Video Games, Movies, TV shows—advertise violent gamesmanship to our children. At the same time the entertainment media teaches atheism and suffocates belief in God.

I still don’t understand how passing laws that disarm citizens solves the problem created by lawless criminals and mental misfits. By itself, gun control won’t do it. The problem isn’t the trigger; it’s the finger that pulls it. The NRA isn’t the enemy; the Socialist-Democrats are.

However, I would accept a re-write of the Second Amendment IF at the same time we could have a re-write of the First Amendment to provide censorship of the entertainment media. Fat chance!

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