Expose the training system scam

We all must be aware of this trap of the current training scheme. NHS can not run without cheap labour. Middle grades have mostly left, so the only way they can get cheap labour is by this training scam! They will accept you for training no matter who you are, just to use you as cheap labour for 3-4 years, and then fail you in the exam and kick you out when you are no longer needed! If you pass the exams and go to the next level, you will be more expensive for the NHS, so you are out and new victims are in! This is most pronounced in GP training scheme, because they can be used as cheap canon fodder in each and every specialty where they are short of ST trainees (all in the name of training), and after 3 years they fail 2/3 rds of them because they are no longer needed! The country needs far fewer GPs than the large number of GP trainee recruits. Beware of this scam!


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