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BOXSCORE - ISMA Thompson World Series, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 12-13

Heat 1: Mike Lichty, Dave Shullick Jr., Jon McKennedy, Mike Netishen, Bobby Chartier, Jamie Timmons, Dave McKnight, Nick Cappelli

Heat 2: Mike Ordway Jr., Dan Bowes, Ben Seitz, Trent Stephens, Michael Barnes, Tyler Thompson, Dan Connors, Dave Duggan

Heat 3: Timmy Jedrzejek, Kyle Edwards, Chris Perley, Mark Sammut, Jeffrey Battle, Joey Payne, AJ Lesiecki, Rich Reid

FEATURE 50: 1. Jon McKennedy 21, 2. Mike Ordway Jr 61, 3. Ben Seitz 32, 4. Timmy Jedrzejek 97, 5. Kyle Edwards 1E, 6. Mike Lichty 84, 7. Michael Barnes 44, 8. Dave Shullick 49, 9. Dan Bowes 25, 10. Mark Sammut 78, 11. Jeffrey Battle 9, 12. Dan Connors 01, 13. AJ Lesiecki 7, 14. Jamie Timmons 27, 15. Rich Reid 55, 16. Trent Stephens 19, 17. Chris Perley 11, 18. Nick Cappelli 86, 19. Bobby Chartier 29, 20. Dave Duggan 51, 21. Mike Netishen 55n, 22. Joey Payne 14, 23. Tyler Thompson 98.
Dave McKnight, Eric Emhoff DNS

ISMA Hard Charger ($100), sponsored by Baker Steel Detailing- Michael Barnes

Last Car Running ($100), sponsored by H&S Design and Prototype, LLC AJ Lesiecki

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