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Re(1): New Foundation Building

Al I received my copy of Oct 2019 shipmate today as usual i quickly scaned it, and put aside. so your comment puzzled me so i grabbed my copy and read page 14 etc. I am having difficulty in figuring out just WHERE it will go. The "view' from king george street, is deceptive. only space open inside USNA King George street Wall, is behind the old housing area once called "oklahoma abutting Worden Field, then the BIshop Stadium Baseball field area, then moving north towards where the old Marine Barracks that was turned into PG School and closed when we were ther . and that abuts college creek.
As far it will be used they needc it, I think they need the convergence. Many years ago I visited Capt Bill Busic who was head of the Alumni
Assn his office was topside the Alumni house in town , a few years later I visited offices of the alumni Assn, they were in building aft the Alumni House. Dont think that area is what they are looking at - truly it is "high rent" but I cant make the fit.with college creek but
There is USNA Yard space that could be renovated with moving thing about. I think the area where the laundry is now located , old Supp;ly area I think "Historic Annapolis" would fight hard to prevent any of Annapolis itself become part of
ONe sudden jolting thought USNA. could buy St john College its a good fit college creek King George St. , USNA did it once before for a part. The real problem is Histioric Annapolis : They do not think Annapolis is dependent on our old school. their move getting the Old PACA house rebuilt and Carvel Hall demolished is a case in point. .

ST Johnnie has another school in the west. maybe there is money probs. It might involve an offer they cannot refuse.
john has another site in the west.could be they need the money.


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