When We Were Cowboys
By Sandy G

We were cowboys who sat straight in the saddle
When it got tough on the range we’d never skedaddle
We finished our chores no matter how hard
We could be trusted and we trusted our pards

An honest days work for a honest days pay
Searching the brush ‘til we found the last stray
Though it took us beyond the end of the day
We accomplished it proper, the cowboy way

Kindly to strangers or those passing through
Because we knew it was the right thing to do
Never took advantage to rob or to steal
Always the first to offer a coffee or meal

Ready and able to lend each other a hand
We had what it took to ride for the brand
Ridin’ and ropin’, and taking a stand
Respectful of nature, kind to the land

We rode into town at the end of the day
Wearing our guns, we swaggered and swayed
Flirting with girls, eying the townies away
Tired to the bone, still a card game to play

A numb ride to the bunkhouse deep in the night
Did that feller start it or did I start the fight?
Finally in our bunks and tucked in all tight
At sun up next morning we all looked a sight

That’s when we were cowboys a long time ago
Really just imaging how the real world might go
About nine or ten and not much in the know
Cowboying along with a television show

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