what a load of toss

Wow - that's really not very specific at all is it? What a pile of bull####. I mean who in their right mind would (a) come here looking for serious career advice, (b) listen to a heap of negativity when who knows what the actual scenarios that gave rise to these comments were.

If you're thinking of working somewhere why not just approach a current member of staff of the same grade and ask them for an honest opinion about the place in which they work. It's what In did myself when weighing up fellowships.

Sure there will be departments with problems but going by the random hearsay and rumour on this cesspool of a forum (only made this way by posts such as those by OP) is more likely to see you passing on working in what is actually a good department.

Anyone reading this should do their own research instead of listening to some overly entitled trainee or staff-grade with an axe to grind because they've been called out for skiving off work or trying to take advantage their colleagues.


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