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Removal of staue RE Lee from Capitol Bldg

Apparently 2 Democrat in the VA house are moving to replace Lee's statue with a more appropriate African American. This seems to me a mirror image of what is going on in Congress now. i recall many of my southern classmates argued that the Civil War ( War between The States to them) it was about states rights and not slavery. I wounder would be it corect to call Lee a traitor to his country as he turned down the offer to lead the union Army at the start of the conflict. HE surely took a oath of office to defend our country and constitution against foreign or domestic enemies. Did he commit treason when he refused the comman of the us forces and chose to not fight agains his state of Virginia, had he took command , would not have been very few Americans dying and the " revolt halted - forming of the confederacy. Now we have a bloc of American officials similar to the southern states who feel miore socialist and anti- caopitalist ) who refuse to follow our founding father formed US government and constitution . Is the Democrats action now is anti- government or unconstitutional. those who take office in our federal government do not they take a similar oath as Lee did when he was became a military officer. Is it a conflict of what is important and what it right for ALL of our country. Or taking oaths of office without meaning it. Someone said that when you decide to choose a career and life in the military and you should also consider death in the military Seems like some ISIS fighter have done that.


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