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Re(7): Jeff Holbrook

Brian is an excellent supermodified builder and mechanic. One of the best, especially when it comes to winged cars. I've lost track of how many cars he has built. When he was building them for Dunigan, they numbered them with the prefix "SNAFU" (often displayed on the car). Probably the greatest of them all was the one that Woody got wrecked in at Jennerstown. Eventually, they rebuilt the wrecked car, painted it as the blue "26" and gave it to Pat Abold to drive (Russ was given a new Allegresso car to drive).

As I think was mentioned in an earlier post, Mike Lichty's primary "84" ride is an Allegresso creation. Howie Lane's "97" cars are Allegresso-built (Timmy J drives them). It's pretty much expected these days that the 84 and 97 are Top 5 finishes in a lot of ISMA races.

I remember when we first started coming to Oswego in 1993, Bentley drove the purple Dunigan 29 and Ordway drove the orange Dunigan 26. Both of these were Allegresso creations. I remember when Woody inherited the 29 "Auto Place" ride from Bentley in 1995 -- his first race was an ISMA race at Cayuga -- his daughter Laura was born that day.

In an 11 year span (1995-2005), the Dunigan family won 8 ISMA championships with Allegresso-built and maintained cars. They were driven by Russ Wood (4), Mike Ordway (2), Joe Gosek (1) and Pat Abold (1). That was the pinnacle of the Dunigan-Allegresso supermodified dynasty.


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