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A Sobering Article in the Atlantic

The below Atlantic article discussing the impact on the younger generation of the coming recession associated with the virus pandemic is pretty sobering.

"...The Coming Recession
A nasty, historic recession is looming, and Americans of all ages will feel it. But young people will get whacked particularly hard.
Today, weíre focusing on two vulnerable demographics: Millennials, those 30-ish-somethings who still havenít fully recovered from 2008, and Generation C, the young people about to enter the workforce amid, or just after, an international catastrophe.

Millennials donít stand a chance.
They disproportionately hold the kinds of jobs that are being gutted: One astonishing new report found that 52 percent of people under 45 have lost a job, been put on leave, or had their hours reduced because of the outbreak.
And donít forget: This is their second once-in-a-lifetime downturn. Millennials already make less money and have smaller savings than prior generations. As my colleague Annie Lowrey put it: ďHello, lost generation.Ē

Generation C has nowhere to turn.
The C stands for the coronavirus. Itís what weíre calling the generation thatíll be shaped by this pandemic (including newborns, kids, college students, and the people currently holding down their first job). They may end up aging into a historically bad recession.
'Older people are more likely to have stable professional lives and finances to help cushion the blow,' Amanda Mull writes. 'People just starting out now, and those who will begin their adult lives in the years following the pandemic, will be asked to walk a financial tightrope with no practice and, for most, no safety net.'..."

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