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Canadian Supermodified Drivers

Man this took some time to find. It was done in June of 2012 just before Pinner shut it down the first time. Complied with the good folks from Pinner's a long time ago.

Spelling mistakes for certain but any missing drivers I will update the list. Enjoy the history in this list!!

Kenny Andrews
Mike Armstrong
Art Boulianne (camra rear engine car)
Rick Batters
Eddie Bell
Mac Bound
Andy Brown
Jimmy Brown
Harold Brown
Barry Brush
John Burkholder
Guy Chatrand
John Clapham
Warren Coniam
Ryan Coniam
Brian Coerse
Ed Crombie (camra rear engine car)
Keith Dempster
Doug Didero
Harvey Docksteader
Bernie Kline (#97 Pete Harvey team mate)
Garry Evans
Harold Gallanger
David Garls (#22)
Jim Gray (US resident but Canadian born?)
Russ Gray
Jack Greedy
George Groves
Shannon Groves
George Herbison
Joe Hylwka
Ted Hogan
Dave Hooper
Mike Hooper
Jimmy Howard
Dave Lair
Harvey Lennox
Brad Lichty
Dennis Lichty
Mike Lichty
Wade Litt
Andy Mackereth
Brian Mackereth
Norm Mackereth
Bruno Machreson
Jack McCutcheon
Norris McDonald
Skip McKenzie
Dave McKnight
Steve Mcknight
Dell Meeks
Al Mitchell
Brian Morrison
Dave Morton
Gary Morton
Norm Morton
John Morton
Marvin Pegg
Ron Pern
Don Rammage
Craig Rayvals (plus son?)
Paul Ryckman
Walt Riley
George Ritche
Randy Ritskes
Bill Rowse
Mark Sammutt
Rod Sauder
Howie Scannell
Glen Schurr
Sean Shanahan
Jack Sharpe
Sam Snider
John Spencer
Cecil Stephens
Mike Stone
John Spencer
Cecil Stephens
Doug Syer
Tim Timms
Mark Van Luven
Bruce Waddell
Kenny Williamson
Scott Wilson
Gary Witter
T.J. Woolsey


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