Places to avoid: This is what this forum has said

1. Addenbrookes : "bullying culture"
2. Leicester : ?? Reason
3. Doncaster : ?? Reason
4. Hereford: "Most malignant, vile racism. Treated like slaves. One trainee terminated for calling off sick"
5. Truro (Corneal) : "Worst unit I have worked in"
6. Howell dda health board in Wales: "sorry state of affairs"
7. Kings college London: "lack of funds and huge debt for trust"
8. Burton on Trent: "bullying culture, one middle grade unlawfully terminated, settled outside court"
9.Avoid Truro. Awful department and back stabbing consultants.
10.Torbay....avoid, avoid. Same for Cornwal and Plymouth.
11.Liverpool: It is a ****hole and racist city full of teenage pregnant women...."ignore" like plague.
12. Hereford: Crap, no 'fitties', full of closet gays #####ing around!
13. Moorfields: Mixed opinion. Here is what the forum says specifically about glaucoma fellowship: Avoid Strouthidis at any cost....shags anything that moves!! VR fellowship: Young handsome males are apparently targeted by a MILF!
Just copied from various threads down below. Be WARNED!!


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