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Re(4): Mattis

OK, good. Let's have all the senior military commanders who think their Commander in Chief is full of prunes, resign in a body, and post all kind of emails and write columns to the NYT, and articles to Atlantic, on how stupid and tyrannical he is. At least they would be points ahead of the jelly-kneed, spineless JCS types who were stood up in LBJ's Oval Office and cussed out with the foulest language, and told that they had better toe the line or else. And not one of them stood up to him and said, Sir, I have served my flag for 40 years, and faced enemy fire I can't remember how many times, which is more than you did, in flying over supposedly enemy territory once, as a junior Texas congressman. You'll have my resignation on your desk within the hour. Good day to you, horse's ass. Then faced about and walked out with his head high.


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