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G'day Bob
I joined 36 Sqn in late 1968 as a Cpl Sumpie. Barry Dean and I arrived the same day. I got promoted in '69 and as a Sgt had some fearful differences of opinion with my FSgt, who reckoned SNCO's didn't get their hands dirty. I disagreed because if I were to be supervising I wanted to have done what I was supervising. Long story short, I did a Staff College trip with Nev Slyney (F/E) to give him a hand if any maintenance was needed, which it was. That trip, plus a deal of encouragement from Nev and other F/E's led me to apply for the next A model F/E course in 1970. My ten years before 36 Sqn were almost all south and west of the Murray River, despite my preferences being elsewhere. That I never was posted into Vietnam or other conflict areas did not mean that I wasn't prepared to go there. My involvement in Vietnam was only ever flying into and out of the place. I have always believed that most "gongs" people get, apart from ones clearly deserved for personal acts, should be "Unit" awards. It is the same in business. I get annoyed when CEO's get obscene salaries and perks on the back of the efforts of their workers, without whom there would be no need for CEO's.


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