NHS 2030

Where do you all see NHS (particularly ophthalmic care) going in another 5-10 years? This is what I see and I admit that I may be wrong.
1. Most of ophthalmic care will be privatised, just like optical care these days.
2. Cataracts and injections will be gone.
3. NHS ophthalmology will remain in place only in name, run mostly by NPs and PAs and centered on emergency care and primary care only.
4. A few tertiary centers will deal with some complicated cases and patients will be pooled from large catchment area.
5. Training will severely deteriorate due to lack of competent trainer in NHS.
6. All the foreign middle grades will be gone.
7. Locals will start looking for greener pastures elsewhere as working in NHS will mean working longer hours, weekends and holidays for less pay: all in the name of 'improving patient care'!


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