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Who's chasing who?

I had for me what I thought was quite a spectacular show. While walking the dog, we came across 8 crows trying to harass a smallish hawk. It was quite an aeronautical show. A crow would leave the group and chase the hawk out of the trees, and before you knew it the hawk did some dips and zags and was chasing the crow from above,making numerous dives at it's back until the crow took refuge in a tree, with the hawk landing in the same tree shortly after. Another crow would then chase the hawk from the tree and the same before mentioned chase would ensue again. We watched this for 10 minutes before leaving with the same things still going on. A few minutes later I looked back and from a distance I saw that a 2nd hawk had joined the first and was also chasing a crow into the trees. The hawks certainly didn't appear nervous, but the crows did when the hawks got behind and above them. Almost like the hawks were taunting the crows.

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