All is out now
After relentless lies  and deceit
The betrayal is finally over
Or is it?

Somehow we are open
Willing to give him a chance
To win us back
Our love, care and, one day,
Perhaps some level of trust,
Prove where his true feelings lie
Give us  all he can

Yet, still

His manner indifferent
His promises empty
Not one conversation started
No genuine regret shown

How can he say nothing
Have nothing to give
No sympathy or understanding
No fight, not even a gesture
No understanding of consequences
No recognition of what he has done
No interest in helping his loved ones
Those he has so easily
And so completely

He hopes we will all forget
But after all these years
After all these months since
We should now accept
We are not worth his effort

He doesn't need us
And I suppose then
We don't need him

Deep sorrow
But all we will feel is cold

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