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Scully, Makes Move, but Mulder's Not Really Interested

Hello, I was trying to find one story on the ALTXCreative boards and randomly came across an unrelated post with someone describing this story that they couldnít remember the name of. That person said, "I read a story where Scully makes the move, and Mulder is surprised because he never thought of her in that way and didn't share romantic feelings for her. HOWEVER, because of his devotion to her and his desire to make her happy, he goes through with making their relationship sexual. He doesn't "fall in love" with her, but is resolved to make her happy and vows never to let her know that he doesn't feel the same way for her.Ē Someone responded to that post saying it was DahlaKís Weekend Revelations. But it isnít Weekend Revelations, or any of DahlaKís stories from what I can tell, although I can see why the second poster thought it was Weekend Revelations. But Iím strangely fascinated by the concept and would like to read it. And the person asking provided enough specifics that it sounds like it was one story (rather than her maybe remembering different stories and accidentally mixing them together). Does anyone know what that story as described might be? Thank you so much!

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