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The Pandemic

One more thought, and I'm ready to contribute to the 2022 elections:

There’s no more greater threat against human rights than a violation of the right to vote. Our Constitutional Bill of Rights—the Fourth Amendment notwithstanding—guarantees that right. With this right comes the responsibility to accept the results of an election. Voter fraud violates that right and should be dealt with the most dastardly punishment. As Lincoln said, there is a viper snuggled up in the bed of our baby in the Cradle of Liberty. We must be very careful in ridding ourselves of this viper, else we kill the baby and democracy is lost. Accusing no one, I ask each Marylander to search his/her conscience and demand their personal ideals the question whether earthly political gains can be equal to what we have in our God-given democracy. You can convince yourself it’s all right to go to Hell for what seems right here on earth, but when you are questioned on Judgment Day, what then?. It’s your call. God Bless.


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