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Mulder got drugged ...does anyone know this fic?!

I'm looking for a fic where Mulder and Scully are out of town on their way to a case. In the airport, Mulder has somebody run into him, and the guy covertly stabs Mulder and injects him with some kind of drug. Later, at the hotel, Mulder comes into Scully's room in the middle of the night (adjoining rooms) and she wakes up as he starts making advances on her in her bed. She's confused because it comes out of nowhere, but doesn't want to hurt him, and winds up participating as they wind up having sex. When it's over, Mulder freaks out and is horrified because he believes that Scully wasn't able to stop him, and he runs away. He's convinced that he raped Scully and that she should bring him up on criminal charges. Scully goes after him and I think tells him "you can't rape the willing." (not sure if this line is in this particular fic). She reassures him that they'll get through this. At some point after the hotel sex, they receive a video (I think it's sent to the X-Files office?) of their encounter in the hotel room, and it's demanded that Mulder resign or the tape will be released to the public. Scully and Mulder watch the video tape together, and Mulder finally sees (because Scully makes him) that Scully wasn't trying to stop it, and that she actively wanted it to happen.

Thank you 🙏🏼


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