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Need help with Special Request

I have been searching for the following stories for a while now. As far as I have searched, I am not able to locate them. If anyone can help me, I would be so appreciative. I am not only looking for myself, but for the author as well. She lost them when her computer crashed a long time ago. Please help if you can. Thank you for all your efforts.

After the Rain Comes
1 part, Gen, 10/23/96.
(Futures Past 4) A Companion Piece to *Time Forgetting*, *It Began With Dawn*, and *The Moon is the Other Side of Dark*

As When I Wake
1 part, Gen, 6/3/97.
A short angsty-Vignette...

For Whom Silence Is the Song
1 part, Gen, 12/5/96.
Let's just call this a 'What happened *after* the last scene in "Herrenvolk"?' story. Season four spoilers.

Goodnight, Moon
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
5 part, Gen, 12/30/96.
Five handicapped children are murdered and the only connection between them is one little girl...

If Truth Be Told
1 part, Gen, 12/1/96.
(Futures Past 6) I didn't think there was anything left to write, either, but CancerMan came to me in a dream and demanded I tie up some loose ends (like where the hell *was* he all those years when Mulder was quitting the X-Files?!). But I'm almost positive *this* is the last one.

The Last Meeting Place
1 part, Gen, 11/17/96.
From the preview of *The Field Where I Died,* I was sure I was going to love the episode. Which I did, but I got into one of those 'what if it had been fifteen minutes longer and don't you just love it when the characters talk about the most interesting stuff *off*screen?!' moods.

The Moon Is the Other Side of Dark
1 part, Gen, 10/11/96.
(Futures Past 3) Finishing up my trilogy...this is The Moon is the Other Side of Dark, the last--I think--part of Time Forgetting and It Began With Dawn, all by SkylandMt@aol.com. No real summary except for the fact that it picks up where It Began With Dawn left off.

Reaching for Night
1 part, Gen, 11/10/96.
(Futures Past 5) This is the fifth and final, very final, 'Elvis has left the building' final part to my five-story series that still doesn't have an overall title but started with Time Forgetting, and then...you know the drill.

Shading If
1 part, Gen, 5/20/97.
An angsty vignette... What If...?

1 part, Gen, 8/22/97.
Let's pretend for a moment that we live in a perfect world. "Gethsemane" never happened and "Demons" was the season finale. But instead of Mulder's inexplicable "Gethsemane" suicide, he took his life in that fanfic-loving gray area of "Demons" known as After the Credits Fade. (What, you didn't think It's So Hard To Get This Gun In My Mouth! Mulder wasn't bound to snap?) A few years, later, and voila. This story.

Stopping By Woods
1 part, Gen, 8/14/97.
Mulder-thought during "One Breath."


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