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Tug did the dance of the flaming***s

I was doing my lanny up for inspection around 1400/1500,in the mt shed at Weeton.
Alf Milton s/sgt mt,comes over to me,Moran! what are you on ? just getting lanny ready for inspection
Staff,ok forget that for now at 1500 go to A coy office and pick Csm Wilson up,take him to Fulwood
bks Preston,he`s going to the dentist.
Staff,all the electrics are all over the floor,the radio stuff,and I`m not sure of the connections
can you get me another lanny? no chance all out! just put it all back together rapido!!!,and get you butt
over to Acoy office,Ok Staff,well there were to be connections, between batteries, connections hooked up to side of lanny,
connections to earth,not to mention connections to connections!! of various colours,then a large metal cover that clipped to the floor of the lanny
So I put it all together as best I could remember it, I dived over to the lines and got my no.2`s on
Got to A coy office on time,Tug was waiting by the office, holding his cheek,he had a raging tooth ache,Ah moran!! said he,long time no see
yes sir,ok do you know your way to Fulwood bks? yes sir.
And so that memorable journey started,heading along the main , Preston, Blackpool road for about
4/5 mles Tug speaks!! can you smell burning Moran?
Yes sir I can,looking over into the back of the lanny,smoke billowing out of it,I puul off the road,
Tug grabs the fire extinguisher,and jumps into the back to fight the fire,he sat over one of the connectors,
fitted just under the rear passenger seat(get to the phone box Moran and phone mt for recovery)
Right sir,Tug appeared to have extiguished the flames,so he gets out of the lanny
his rear end was smouldering!
Now becoming dark and over the other side of the road,lots of coaches streaming into Blackpool
All looking over at us,to see the show Tug Doing that famous old soldiers dance,of the flaming*** holes,and me hosing him down
with what was left in the now nearly depleated fire extinguisher
The coach crowds must have thought it was a prelude show for the Blackpool fun house,or the start of the illuminations
I phoned up mt and asked them to bring a drivers overall,for tug,two drivers roll up Reme Sgt and my old mate colin Bouty and a spare lanny for me to take Tug to get his tooth out!
on arrival at Roberts bks the dentist had gone,and it was late Friday, so I took tug back to Weeton,he was well past his "red***" days
but that day he had one
cursing with raging toothache


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