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the LAW

i wish all socialist and those people who voted for the DeDocratic party objectives would read the following and UNDERSTAND THIS

Following our Revolutionary War. At the end of the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia. After creating our constitution when representative delegates from the 13 original colonys were departing Someone asked Benjamin Franklin “What have you done.” Franklin responded “We have created a REPUBLIC. based on Laws ” He did not say KINGDOM, or DEMOCRACY. A REPUBLIC is based on the LAWS enacted by citizen who elected in a democratic way to be their represenrtative to a lower House and upper Senate. governed by them using laws passed by them . A Kingdom is ruled by a KING who decides everything shall be done. In a Democracy each individual has an equal vote where the majority votes on everything and decide issues, and each person has an equal power in the vote. This was too impractible a way for a large number of citizens to enact laws and manage a large population of people’s livelihood.
They Created a simple system to protect individuals and individua states from The Dictatorship Of The Majority (Democracy), with the Electoral College The delegates wisely decided to create representative for the people of each state and have a way of balancing the power of vote between large and small populated states and industrial and agricultural means (and slave and free states) , most people don’t recall that Rhode Island did not participated in the convention as its representatives considered their state was too small to get a proper representation. The constitutional convention was filled with astute learned delegates who discussed the different types of government that had been through history before them, including current KINGDOMS. And of those of EUROPE ,
They also considered the extreme difficulty experienced during the recent revolutionary war,
The US constitution established our system of government and establishing laws. and all representatives agreed , the constitution needed some statement of peoples individual rights, so the first 10 amendments became the peoples Bill of Rights. OUR CONSTITUTION IS THE BEDROCK OF ALL OUR LAWS THAT WE ARE GOVERNED BY FOR PEACE AND SECURITY. . it is critical that all voter are citizens and elligble tand able to vote


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