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Re(1): MSR story with a swimming pool

Hi there, This is Syntax6's "Original Sin", found here: http://www.omniscribe.com/original-sin.html. If you want to quickly make sure this is the one, the pool scene starts with the text [“Mulder, where are you? You’re not still at the police station are you?” She felt a prick of conscience at leaving him alone in the windowless room with close-up photographs of his dead sister. “No, I’m poolside.” There was a pause as he took a drink of something. “Ten years of sitting around by myself in different hotel rooms kind of takes the shine off the experience – besides, I couldn’t sleep.” She looked around at her hotel room, empty now that Ruben had left. I got a room for myself three floors down, near my parents, he had said, suitcase in hand, and then left without saying good-bye. “I can’t sleep either,” she admitted, tucking her hair behind her ear. “Then Dana Scully, come on down,” he replied with such false cheer that she almost smiled.] So, do a Search/Find for that and it will take you right down to where it starts.


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