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i have spent a lifetime as me as God gave me my body to use for its life and longivity, I (we) have always tried to be a good person (human being). I am always puzzled and impressed by those whos faith in GOD ( or whatever they call him.her/it.) Especially when they kill themselves for their faith. & religious belief
like those bhuddist monks in vietnam, and radical islamist,(terroist) and others that I think are not mentally sane. I think it started when early humans was mature enough to think, and probably [ worshipped the sun ( it gave life to all creature, and plants, and many monoliths seem to be oriented to help predict or measure when the soltices occur, mexican ruins indicates teir calendar lorikented aroun the sun rise and waning. well,

I think how you have used your body that God gave you at your birth is most important. So, I maybe should not too much thinking about it, as no living person has the answer to GOD and life and the human being relationship. SO best relax and watch the grass grow and be pleased with life as it unwinds. best to not complain about things. Like Doc Raiford answered when a sked about his life after he left USNA "IT could have been better or worse."

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