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Our son Steve

I am writing this,not to evoke sympathy, But to tell the story of a wonderful son.
Steve was in an accident while riding pillion on a friends motor bike. He was 17 and a quadriplegic from then on
He was in a special care unit ran by a Doctor Otto.
Otto sent for my wife and I to ask that we talk to Steve about his refusing to take medication. I asked Steve what the problem was and he told me they wake him in the morning and give him breakfast and a Valium.He said" I sit there like a Zombie all day until they give me another Valium at night so I will sleep. All I have is my head and I,ll say what goes in it.
I told the doctor I couldn't argue that and Steve was right as far as I was concerned. The doctor wasn't happy .
They were going to add living quarters to our house specially designed....I didnt mind but Steve said "Don't do it dad you,ll be looking after me for the rest of my life and I got my own plans.
We had a quarter acre and had a house put on for Him.
He studied stocks and shares and built up a folio...
Long story short. Steve passed away on the 4th September with organ failure at the age of 59 .19 years beyond the life expectancy give to us by Doctor Otto.
He has left a legacy to his 2 brothers and a sister which is well over 5 million dollars. An incredible lad. RIP Steve
PS. His sick pay was not increased at his 18th birthday because he was classed as a NON Achiever.
PPS We have been married 65 years today. My wife is understandably down so If anyone would like to congratulate her for putting up with me it may make her a smile. Thank you for reading this... Bill Duffy


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