Doís and Doníts in your Creative Writing Essay

Some tips for good creative writing essays
Creative writing essays are not among the most common essay types. While academic writing, generally, is written to persuade, to demonstrate, to debate or even to inform, a creative writing essay is meant to express an idea in a different way. Most of the times it is closer to literature: the student writing the essay may even tell a story which tries to prove a point. The essay topics can be very different: experience, feelings, ideasÖ you name it, you got it!
But still, you must not forget that this essay type is still part of your academic writing, so there are some common mistakes you canít allow yourself to make.

Develop a theme: Creative writing essays try to make the subject area more interesting than in other academic writing. But that also means you still have a topic to develop and a point to make.
Reflect your own thoughts and opinions: You are not supposed to be so impersonal as in a cause and effect essay or in argumentative essays, in which is logic, and not emotion, what must prevail. In creative writing essays you are free to give your own ideas as well as using metaphors, adjectives and colorful phrases.
Tell a story: The best way to face this task is making sure that your essay tells a story. Creative essays should include narratives and may use many of the same devices that are found in fictional works: characters, description, a plot, even some dialogues. That will make your work easily readable. Your essay can be action oriented and involve some sort of dramatic element.
Follow a structure: Take into account that the structure of the creative writing essay is also critical, even when there is no pre-determined pattern for the writing that requires writing a specific number of paragraphs. But still, you must arrange your writing in a logical manner, each paragraph moving the reader toward some point of view or conclusion. Even when there are no strict guidelines, it is still important to have a strong opening paragraph that will catch the readerís attention. Also, your final paragraph should serve as a conclusion that will close the essay and leave the readers thinking.

Forget about grammar: Even when the style is less formal, you should still pay attention to punctuation and grammar. Check the spelling too.
Use clichťs: Avoid repeating other peopleís words! Try to create original and fresh metaphors that will enrich your work.

Any time you feel you canít handle the task and instead you need to buy a custom made essay, make sure you ask it from professionals who can guarantee a high quality work, 100% original and unique.
But if you are required to hand in a personal, creative writing essay, the best thing you can do is trust that your creativity and your language skills will provide you with all the tools you need to fulfill the task in an appropriate way. Try to express yourself, and you probably wonít fail.

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