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In any regulation fronton,Goiko would dominate.He could pass from anywhere on either
side and force rebotes whether he was receiving or serving.After forcing rebotes that don't
come out too far he would "live" at the 6-9 lines and wait for an opportunity to take his forehand.
Then he has full control and lots of options:1)continue to throw deep and force more rebotes;2)throw
forehand caroms;3)throw cortadas;or4)throw dejadas.All those guys would have to throw their normal
shots on the side wall and force Goiko to take backhands.If they rebote,they have to throw them right down
the side wall because they can't pass.If they ever clip or allow Goiko to take a forehand they are done as before.
They could only compete on an extremely short court (like Bilbao) or an extremely fast court where they could also
pass and force Goiko to rebote.Unfortunately for them,he rebotes well from both sides and has the best forehand
rebote EVER!!!Doubles would be another story.As a matter of fact,I think they are all better than Goiko ,but not
by much.
On another issue that many people bring up,they talk about how deep the rosters were compared to the rosters
that Goiko competed against.Sure there were many more great players "back in the day" but there were also many
more frontons and the great players were spread out across them.Let's take the timeframe from 1975 to 1987
before the strike.Miami,Dania,Tampa,Orlando,Palm Beach,Hartford,Milford and Bridgeport all had excellent rosters.
These 8 frontons used over 200 players and each one probably had 10 great players meaning there were 80 great
players at that time.But the great players were spread out over every one of these 8 frontons and so any given fronton
had only a handful of great players.Everybody loves Boli (and so do I) but he had played most of his career at Tampa and
Palm Beach where those rosters were not even as good as the likes of Hartford,Bridgeport or Miami.The roster that Goiko
competed against at Miami was just as good as any other roster that guys like Boli,Cachin and Remen competed against
in my opinion and I'd be happy to compare those rosters anytime.
My final observation is that Goiko has a partido record in Spain and France that none of these guys can compare to.He has
won at least 6 or 7 major championships there (5 with Enbil alone) over at least 12 years of consistently great play in both
singles and doubles.
So based on Goiko's record at Miami,the NAJF's,the Citrus tournaments and the partidos in Spain and France over the
last 25 years I say Goiko is the G.O.A.T.


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