What are the options for converting audio to text?
There are three main ways to convert audio to text: the do-it-yourself method, automatic software and human services.

With DIY transcription, you use software or online tools to convert the audio file into text yourself. This is a good option if you only have a few files to transcribe or if you want to gain more control over the final product. However, learning the appropriate tools can be difficult and time-consuming.
Automatic transcription software like uses algorithms to automatically convert an audio file into text - a quick and easy way to create your transcriptions. But the results are not always accurate. It is important to compare the output of these programmes with the original audio file to ensure accuracy.
Human services are offered by companies that employ people specially trained in speech recognition and transcription. These services are usually more expensive than DIY or automated solutions, but they provide high-quality transcripts that are accurate and easy to read.

1. DIY: Manual transcription of audio files.
Transcribing audio files is a difficult and time-consuming task. However, it is important if you want to create an accurate transcript of the audio content. Here are some tips for transcribing your audio files manually:

Listen to the entire audio file before converting the audio to text. Take the time to listen and type out every word. This step may seem obvious. But if you are not careful, you can easily miss words or make mistakes.
Edit your transcript before it becomes a book or blog post. This way you can spot missing words, mistakes or inaccuracies.
Listen to your audio again after transcribing it. This way you can check that the transcription is correct and error-free.
Use transcription editor software such as Happy Scribe's free online transcription software to make the process easier.
Save your work continuously so that changes are not lost.

Automatic transcription software powered by AI Audio Transcription.
This type of software is simple and affordable to use. However, it can be inaccurate for heavy accents or complex content. If you are not satisfied with the automatic transcription process, you can always check for errors manually.

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