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September 2022 Pome

Ahoy there, Classmates, here's a little verse to give you a bit of cheer. (Or, maybe not. My creaking joints remind me of the march of Time)

September 2022 Pome


"The precession of the equinoxes (sometimes simply called precession), is a movement of the celestial equator, the projection of the earth's equator into space , with respect to the fixed stars and the ecliptic, the path of the Sun's motion in space as viewed from the earth ." -- Encyclopedia

The stars we call The Bear were once The Plow--
In Roman times, known merely as The Wain.
To them and others Earth must make a bow,
A tiny nod, while moving in her plane.
For twice ten thousand years, she has obeyed
This strictest rule of heavenly mechanics,
Were it not so, Polaris might have stayed
In place, to throw star-gazers into panics.
But here we are again, September dawns
Remind us of how swift the days are speeding,
As navigators wake, with languid yawns,
To take their morning sights, on stars
And Earth rolls on, her "waistline" slightly
In twenty thousand years, what would it matter?


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