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Mulder undercover w/ Krycek terrorist goons. Scully links up with Fem Activist Group

Good Morning Lovely Librarians!

So I read this fic a few months ago, I should have saved it. now it's stuck in my brain and I don't remember how it ends, I NEEED to know how it ends!

Probably written 1997-2000
Probably 100-200k
Story, Adventure, not an X file. Consortium, Cancer or abduction arc, NC-17 (maybe R) not mushy fluff.
Known characters were really just Mulder, Scully, Krycek, CGB, (maybe Skinner). No family or other supporting characters.

Mulder goes undercover leaves the FBI. He has to prove himself to CGB, links up with Krycek and some goons. Something about trucks of fertilizer and blowing up empty office buildings. small scale domestic terrorism stuff.
Meanwhile Scully (after cancer?) starts to find out more about the Womens group she was supported by and that they are actually an activism group. (later she meets up with a punk girl in a mall coffee shop) Oh something about cigs and lighters being signals to others in the group.
Mulder stays with Krycek too long, NC-17 stuff ensues. He eventually catches a break and goes back to Scully, more NC-17, angsty feelings with all involved. Mulder starts ping-ponging between K & S. They both start to figure out and I think the line was "send messages to each other on his body" her hickeys, his bruises, that sort of thing. Mulder and Scully also figure out that the two groups might be connected... I think Scully and Krycek hookup at some point too... that's it ...I don't remember the rest.

I checked gossamer & thebasmentoffice cause that's where I was reading mostly at that time, I think,

Thanks for any help you have, if we find it, I obviously need to thank the author for sticking me with this little brain worm. Shits like Tubthumping in here!

Sending you warm wishes this winter,


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