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Happy Birthday, johnny nono (Saturday)
Misuse of "Arrogant" and Message-Board-Typical Inaccuracies

"Particam" allow me to address your response item by item:

1. However I am regarded herein, "well" or not is based on individual posters knowledge of me. Some know me well and others only through my posts. I'd imagine I am "generally" well regarded because of my physical presence around Jai-Alai consciously since 1974, my experiences as a student in the Miami Jai-Alai school from 1983 to 1989, my having worked "the counter" at North Miami at various times from 1985 -to- 1995, as an announcer from 1991-1997 and then as an Assistant General Manager & Acting G.M. at Miami, Tampa, Ft. Pierce & Ocala Jai-Alai from 1997 through 2014. In addition to my time as an announcer and director at Magic City since 2018. Some people like me and some can't stand me and I am fine with that.

2. You are incorrect that the examples I provided are irrelevant. I used them to demonstrate a simple point. The general public knows little about what has transpired in locker rooms, but more specifically how decisions regarding appropriate interventions and disciplinary actions are taken in Jai-Alai. I assure you - the public was never involved in this process. Only recently have we looked to other sports (your MLB reference) for some guidance. I find those comparisons to be of little value because a Jai-Alai player's compensation is so vastly different than any other sport.

3. You are completely wrong about a player's "intent" not playing a role. Jai-Alai has been marketed in the US for almost 100 years by drawing attention to the inherent "danger" involved in the game. There is a significant difference between a player who makes a stupid play that turns out to be dangerous -vs- a player who completely by accident hits or otherwise endangers another player -vs- a player who intentionally attempts to hit another player (the last example I've actually only seen at Amateur Jai-Alai). If as you say "it's the result that matters" than disciplinary action would need to be taken in every instance in which a player was endangered by another player - which is ridiculous. Benny literally hooked a rebote into El Barba - from his cesta to Barba's chest. The worst that can be said about the incident is that Benny was reckless in attempting the rebote. Surely he was not deserving of punishment in that instance so intent has everything to do with it and to suggest otherwise is moronic.

4. My "long delay in responding" is flat out laughable. I pick and chose what I respond to on Tiger's site and the "unanimity of opinion" means nothing. We are a privately held company funded entirely by one family. My only debt is to them and I don't believe they know what this message board is. Your use of the phrase "die hard fan" is also suspect. Magic City's die hard fans know exactly what happened and how our players generally behave and how we respond because we often speak about it on YouTube during our pelota games.

5. I don't believe that you are all "vocal idiots." I can't know what your IQ's are so I have no basis of understanding your collective intelligence. Any suggestion that I consider myself to be of above average intelligence or in any way better than any other poster herein is not based on fact. I'm very open about my shortcomings & failures both within and outside of Jai-Alai. But you are correct that short of termination how we deal with disciplinary actions are none of your business unless we decide to share. I've shared far more than any other person in my position and my belief that transparency in Jai-Alai would benefit everyone in the log-run has been proven mostly wrong.

6. I will happily ignore your admonishment that my follow-up "be more contrite." Just like everyone else in this message board I will type whatever I feel like typing in the moment. There is nothing official about Tiger's site and being told how to manage our affairs is pretty insulting. I have the experience - you don't. I live and work with these players - you don't. I answer to ownership, protect their interests and vociferously defend the program as I have done since 2018.

7. Now your use of "arrogant" (Miriam Webster - "exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner") - I've exaggerated nothing and I list my {Jai-Alai} credentials to provide you with the basis on which my opinions and statements are formed. My comments my be "aggressive" at time but I don't see how I've exaggerated anything and therefore reject, almost entirely, your post.


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