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part three.


Around the borders of Shaman, the evacuation is beginning.

It starts with the islands. Gull Isle is empty at this hour, but the few children and carers staying overnight at the nursery in the Lost Inlet Academy have to be moved safely back to the mainland. Members of Apeliotes Island also have to be evacuated. The borders of the north and south of the main island are the next priorities: Silver Cove may be empty but Mirror Tributaries, Dolphin Lagoon and Sunburst Coast arenít. As the wave spreads across the coast, Epitome Jungle, Vista Mountain, Desolate Plains and Landís End are very quickly affected too. By the time the rising water begins to flood the Old Ruins, all of the fairies are concentrated in the inner border and the Core.

Panic levels vary. Those who had been awaiting the advent of the third curse are calm and quiet, risking their lives to help the young and the elderly out of harmís way. Others Ė particularly those whose familiars are still lost in Shaman as a result of the second curse Ė are positively hysterical. Many of those separated from familiars, families and friends are inconsolable, anxiously asking everyone they come across for news.

All over Shaman, the same question is being asked: how far will the water come? How much of the land will be swallowed by the sea before the flooding stops?


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