Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.

There was some pride in how his words affected her...

It took so terribly little to burn out the fuse to lead into Tycoon's wicked temper. It always had; the storm often came as quickly as it went though, and so there was at least that saving grace. For now it hadn't passed, it had merely began, and he continued to glare at the female with a rage that seemed to come up from the very depths of hell his ember eyes reflected.

Yes it was true, he had always pined for another. Ravenshadow had been the only female he'd ever thoroughly loved, though be it far from him to admit it. She'd been the cause of his suicide countless times when he'd been too much a coward to deal with the rejection he continuously faced. If only he'd allowed himself to care for someone else; to care for WSS or more than that... for the female here in front of him that had spent so much time and effort on him. Poor StarChaser should have left him. She should have turned tail and ran, or given him a cold shoulder and shunned him for a male that would have returned her affections. The femme hadn't however, and look at what it was won her -- nothing more than a mangy fang-bearing brute ready to pin all the blame on her when she was fully innocent.

Silly? How dare she call him silly. He was no such thing (that is completely untrue, of course, he was a downright fool) and the word won a note higher in his snarling. "I went nowhere. Where have I been all these years? Here, on the mountain. Your scent was long gone for ages. What? Did you run off to find someone else? Someone better? Was I not good enough for you?" Far from it, but he'd never acknowledge that. "If you aren't here to taunt then what? What do you want from me after all this time?" Tycoon had nothing to offer; he was a poor excuse for a wolf, nothing these days but a baggy sack of bones. His gang had long since fallen apart, and their children... "If you're looking for the pups they aren't here. I have no idea where they are. Dead, maybe." They weren't and he knew it because their scent lingered, but perhaps Star had forgotten what they smelled like. He said it really to try and stab at her, nothing else.


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