This active check starts on June 20, 2017 and will end on July 10, 2017. It is for all members. In addition, all alphas must run an activity check and email all rankings to the administrators.
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    For each of your characters, please list your:
    Pack and Rank:
    Color / eyes:

  • Breed:

    If you have any questions, please email the administrators.


Active Check!!

Name: Kodizu
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: White mask with one white ear. White chest with a small bit being on his belly. A few toes on his paws are white as well. The rest of his body is a mixture of dark, light and caramel brown. 1 blue eye, 1 black/brown eye.
Personality: Very moody. Friendly. Lovable. Protective of what is his

Name: Vladimir
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Light tan, creamy white, and dark brown/black mixture all over his body. A few grey hairs mixed into the black, and a few white hairs are mixed into the cream color. Brown Eyes.
Personality: Very ill-tempered, doesn't really care for anyone but himself. Lazy at times, but when challenged he can get very aggressive. But there is a whole other side to him; loving, caring and a huge suck up for females.

Name: Klara
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Completely black with no markings. Mud brown eyes.
Personality: Friendly but in a shy way. She doesn't like to be center of attention, and she hates to be talked down to like a pup.

Wolf I'm not going to play anymore: Kyina


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