Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain is much smaller than Wolf Mountain, yet climbing up it is far more difficult and shouldn't be attempted in winter. Some creatures collect the shiny stones at the peak of this mountain for necklaces.

~*Call of the Hurricane*~

It was rare that the femme felt at home somewhere; her adventurous nature meant that she never settled in one place for too long, yet for the past couple of weeks she had found herself being drawn to Ice Mountain. The slightly shorter than average femme didn’t know what it was about this place, but it felt like home… Well… almost, there was something about this place that still made Storm feel like she had to wander, it was all she’d known since coming to the mountain after all… and it had let her see so much and meet so many people… A soft smile tugged at her light silver muzzle; yes, she loved the freedom that her wandering allowed, but she couldn’t keep it up forever.

It was a rare occasion for the silver pelted femme to be wandering the area and not being tailed by one of her dragons and she wondered, rather offhandedly, if they had found better things to do with their time. Zinc had inherited her adventurous spirit, and tended to keep a distance if only to see the male she had been so taken with but lately the dragoness hadn’t seen her knight in shining armour causing her to return to her nest. The dragoness’ son however never seemed to want to leave Storm’s side, so she wondered what had happened to cause her to lose the metal-clad dragon.

It was unimportant she supposed, and she had better things to do with her time than wonder where the pair had gotten to.

It was then that the thought occurred to her; how close she was to Ice Pack… she hadn't really thought about it before… Many of the creatures the femme had come across in her travels had resided in the pack, the main ones that stuck in her mind were the spirit, Crescent, and Elk, both of whom she was rather fond of. I wonder how they’re all doing… if they still remember me… she thought, dual shaded steely grey and sky blue eyes scanning the area in front of her. If she wanted she could go and visit them but… well, she wasn’t quite sure she could stomach entering packlands… No, she guessed it would have to wait for some other time…


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