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fishinnotcatchin - the below link is part of my 1999 retirement goals (115 tips at present) that you might not have seen...

Here's a bunch of Saugeye stuff from 1990 to present ~ just remember w/Boat Control there is a big difference between boat speed/sog & lure speed/sog ...also there is no order, so wysiwyg & the MO changes some with time w/a major shift to the nite-bite for sUMo's since 1999... IMHO Eye & Bass pressure has increased 10 fold in the last 20 years on my home lake...

-also I've tried to not give any "detailed info" beyond the 17-20" eater-size Saugeye to help get I-Guyz started on the path of Angling for Eyes & "not" to bait hooks for the clue-less yahoos who won't take the time to learn the Saugeye basic's ...I think you get the drift


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