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Hy-Miler History (1950~1984)

Much of this is from .. I have added over the years.

I will post:
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These are the "Pre-ISMA Sanction" Sandusky Classic // Hy-Miler Winners:

50 - Lewis Ringle
51 - Ken Patch
52 - None
53 - None
54 - Bob Hanes
55 - Bobby Boughan
56 - Bobby Boughan
57 - Leo Caldwell
58 - RAIN
59 - Jack Conley
60 - Gordon Dukes
61 - Dick Good
62 - Ed Molketine
63 - Sammy Sessions
64 - Gordon Dukes
65 - Gordon Dukes
66 - Gordon Dukes
67 - Johnny Benson
68 - None
69 - None
70 - None
71 - Nolan Swift
72 - Jack Conley
73 - Gary Allbritain
74 - Bob Stelter
75 - Warren Coniam
76 - Les Olexen
77 - Dennis Menesini


With the demise of the Ohio State 500 at the end of the 1977 racing season, there was no marquee event on the local supermodified calendar. Out of the ashes of the old Sandusky Classics and Ohio State 500 races emerged the Hy-Miler Nationals, the first of the supermodified triple crown. Here is a brief look back at the Hy-Miler over the years.

1978...Larry Boos took over as promoter of Sandusky Speedway and Dave Shullick took over as the dominant driver. The Shullick-Jim Bodnar association would be the dominant Supermodified team for the next three years. They kicked it off by winning the Sanduky 100 over Chuck Ciprich (the dominate New Yorker, in Ron Buckner's #36) and Gary Allbritain.

1. Dave Shullick
2. Chuck Ciprich
3. Gary Allbritain
4. Bob Stelter
5. Jim Cheney
6. Joe Paeno
7. Ron Wallace
8. Steve Gioia Jr.
9. Doug Heveron
10. Dean Pavia
11. Hugh Richards
12. Larry Lehnert
13. Lou Palker
14. Ray Banyas
15. Baldy Baker
16. Doug Syer
17. Ken Price
18. Bentley Warren
19. Jim Mayfield
20. Glenn Feuerstein
21. Gus Olexsen
22. Jerry Carman
23. Jim Shampine
24. Tom Marks

1979...Dave Shullick dominated every race in the Midwest, driving the Jim Bodnar S&W Blacktop Special, but it literally went up in smoke at the Supermodified Nationals. With just a handful of laps to go the gold #94 roadster erupted in smoke ending his quest for two in a row. Gary Allbritain captured the event in the "Flyin 5" roadster over Steve Gioia and Ed Bellinger.

1. Gary Allbritain
2. Steve Gioia Jr.
3. Eddie Bellinger
4. Doug Heveron
5. Jamie Moore
6. John Logan
7. Joe Paeno
8. Brad Lichty
9. Dean Best
10. Jim Mayfield
11. Ron Graves
12. Kevin Lyons
13. Dave Shullick
14. Gus Olexsen
15. Ricky Otts
16. Brian Herb
17. Bob Stelter
18. Bob Seelman
19. Jim Shampine
20. Mike Shaw
21. Lou Palker
22. Chuck Ciprich
23. Bentley Warren
24. Dan Shullick
25. Thane Fortney
26. Tony Lavati
27. Paul Strasser
28. Ken Price

1980...After the disappointment of the previous season, Shullick and Bodnar were out to redeem themselves in the 1980 thriller. Driving an all new S&W hot orange #94 Shullick showed the field the way around. He was not alone, as Warren Coniam and Jim Shampine were dogging his heels the entire distance. The Shullick and Bodnar team split at the conclusion of the season leaving a wide-open local scene for the following year.

1. Dave Shullick
2. Warren Coniam
3. Jim Shampine
4. Gus Olexsen
5. Butch Fedewa
6. Les Olexsen
7. John Logan
8. Fred Graves
9. Brad Lichty
10. Bob Seelman Jr.
11. Earl Kelley
12. Skip Smith
13. Doug Saunier
14. Larry Blaisdell
15. Doug Heveron
16. Gary Fedewa
17. Jim Mayfield
18. Ken Price
19. Billy Joe Havens
20. Todd Gibson
21. Tom Marks
22. Bob Stelter
23. Jim Brown
24. Lou Palker
25. Bob Seelman
26. Dan Shullick
27. Jamie Moore
28. Chuck Ciprich

1981...It was the year of the "Young One," as Doug Heveron dominated everywhere the Supers ran and Sandusky was no exception. Jamie Moore led early in the event before a tangle with a lapped car sent him violently into the turn two wall. From then on it was all Heveron in the event. Steve Gioia and Shampine trailed. This year marked the only time Jim Shampine carried a Checkered flag at Sandusky, as bad luck plagued his every visit. "The Pine" captured the Sprint\Roadster Showdown on Friday night for his only Sandusky win.

1. Doug Heveron
2. Steve Gioia Jr.
3. Jim Shampine
4. Bentley Warren
5. Butch Fedewa
6. Doug Saunier
7. Marv Carman
8. Brian Herb
9. Bob Frey
10. Gary Allbritain
11. Mike Rizzo
12. Dean Best
13. Earl Kelley
14. Wayne Landon
15. Dean Pavia
16. Gary Griffith
17. Jim Brown
18. Gus Olexsen
19. Bruce Robey
20. Todd Gibson
21. Lou Palker
22. Dave Shullick
23. Deac Hundley
24. Jamie Moore
25. Warren Coniam
26. Dean Hoag
27. Don Townsend
28. Les Olexsen

1982...In the Bible David slew Goliath. At Sandusky, Gus Olexson and Bruce Robey slew everybody. This year everybody played by Sandusky's rules, meaning the potent roadsters were running with smaller wings. It proved interesting right off the bat. On Friday night Bruce Robey passed Dave Shullick on the last lap of the Sprint\Roadster showdown and took the Clarence Miller Sprinter to victory lane. If this wasn't enough, the eternal underdog, Gus Olexson pushed the Leonard Ceiling #12 roadster to the front holding off the repeated challenges of Todd Gibson for one of the most popular wins ever at the Speedway.

1. Gus Olexsen
2. Todd Gibson
3. Warren Coniam
4. Steve Gioia Jr.
5. Randy Wynne
6. Armond Holley
7. Dean Best
8. Dan Shullick
9. Mike McLaughlin
10. Bruce Robey
11. Jim Brown
12. Doug Heveron
13. Bob Dawson
14. Larry Blaisdell
15. Rich Newell
16. John Logan
17. Pat Shullick
18. Joe Gosek
19. Dave Hosie
20. Dave Shullick
21. Jim Shirey
22. Ron Neal
23. Gene Lee Gibson
24. Tim Nelson
25. Gary Allbritain
26. Lou Palker
27. Jamie Moore
28. Tom Cupples

1983...After running in New York all season Dave Shullick made a triumphant return home putting the J.K. Tobin Construction #21 in victory lane over Joe Gosek and Doug Saunier. Friday Night winner: Warren Coniam

1. Dave Shullick
2. Joe Gosek
3. Doug Saunier
4. Steve Gioia Jr.
5. Jim Shirey
6. Ed Thompson
7. John Logan
8. Jim Brown
9. Joe Grunda
10. Pat Shullick
11. Gary Allbritain
12. Bruce Robey
13. Les Olexsen
14. Don McLaren
15. Tim Nelson
16. Gary Weinbroer
17. Dennis Wheeler
18. Lou Palker
19. Jamie Moore
20. Mike Fedorcyk
21. Warren Coniam
22. Randy Wynne
23. Todd Gibson
24. Mike Muldoon
25. Don Rammage
26. Armond Holley
27. Dave Hosie
28. Don Townsend

1984...This was the first of three dominant wins by Bentley Warren in the Bowley Flyin 5. Warren went on a reign of terror in the Supermodified division beating out Allbritain in the Tobin 21 and Steve Gioia. Friday night winner: Todd Gibson (30 laps)

1. Bentley Warren
2. Gary Allbritain
3. Steve Gioia Jr.
4. Todd Gibson
5. Brian Herb
6. Gene Adams
7. Bruce Robey
8. Bob Seelman
9. Pat Shullick
10. Doug Saunier
11. Bob Renz
12. Don Rammage
13. Gary Morton
14. Marv Carmen
15. Jamie Moore
16. Brad Lichty
17. Joe Grunda
18. Randy Wynne
19. Gus Olexsen
20. Johnny Torrese
21. John Logan
22. Jim Fulper
23. Garry Evans
24. Don Townsend
25. Dave Shullick
26. Gary Weinbroer
27. Ken Williamson
28. Warren Coniam


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