Where once the southern border of Blossom Forest was made by Leisure Lake, the magical rearrangement of the lands has laid there instead a vast, uncrossable ocean. The shore differs as you travel along it. Tall mountainous cliffs arise on the western part and at one point, the large river that runs through Blossom Forest opens up at its tributary into a well sheltered cove. As you come more eastward, the towering peaks shorten into rocky foothills. A large section of the shore is inaccessible to most, as Uyaraut has claimed it as their own. But if you skirt around their territory, the hills disappear, swallowed up into the land until it is as flat as the eye can see. The vibrant greens dull into short and dry browns and tans, and the land dries and cracks apart until it melds into The Waste - the desert that forms Blossom Forestís easternmost border.

For those looking to hunt here, there are of course the fish within the ocean, along with crabs, seals and urchins. For on the shore, there are seagulls, herons, and ospreys.


;;{we can't all be cheerful};;

The white cranium of the fae snapped in the direction the other fae; Kahlan as she remembered from the meeting, came towards her from the direction of their territory. Milo also remembered the vixen mentioning that she will not heal another even if asked. The alphess respected that; but it didn't stop her from wondering why. Now it was about whether she was going to ask her about it or not, she didn't know if it was appropriate honestly. Milo thought about saving that conversation for another time. Best to save it for another time. Maybe when it wasn't around the time they were all settling into their new home. After all, they all were settling in a new home. New home to get used to. As Kahlan got closer; Milos tail swayed in a greeting, and as she spoke, she dipped her head.

Yes I did, I know we're all settling in; but how are you liking munashii so far? Small talk was never Milo's forte, in fact she would rather go on and on about different random things but now was the time to be serious and the time to talk to Kahlan about what rank she had decided for her. And if she would even take it. Milo only hoped, her tail wagged and her maw opened, tongue lolling out of it's place as she started to get overly excited and wanted to prance around in joy. Refraining of course, she stayed put; her muscles tensing as she wanted to get up and move as much as she could.



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