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I Will Take What Is Mine With Fire & Blood

 photo PicsArt_09-27-05.36.42_zpse0damwk7.jpg
Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon

She is the Ice Queen. Born of a color of the purest of whites, like untouched snow. Her fur was long and beautiful even in the summers heat. Her natural Targaryen appearance and yet it was so hard to find those who even knew of her in this new unknown and unmarked world. She was the storm. Her orbs blessed with the an ice like stare of the brightest blue that was even clearer than the skies and the seas themselves. But her looks and heart were two completely different stories.

She is the Fire Queen. For unlike her appearance and arctic like features, she had a soul of fire. A spunk. She is the Dragon. She was fit to rule but she had no way home. The wild child. While she looked cold and stern that look was all in her eyes. Her smile was like a wildfire. For she saw fit to bring peace and justice. So much hatred and cruelty in this world brought her down - And only she could build it back up. This time with her own bricks and not those of her family's.

Viserys was dead. Khal Drogo had killed him with fire for how he had treated her. He was the man she knew was for her . . . And now he was dead too. His body burned and his soul was now with the great stallion. Without their Khal, the Hoard left her. She wandered aimlessly before stumbling upon this world called Blossom Forest. She was taken with its beauty - And so far, from what she could see at least there was not a sign of slavery or brutality. Yet. She had wondered here for ages.

She knew after a while the Lannisters were catching on to her survival and her whereabouts. So she came into contact with one of the only men she knew would be able to help - A Stark. She knew they had resided here, hiding. Along with the Tyrells and other larger houses. She set out to find the Stark boy. Grey Wind, a powerful man and an Alpha of a powerful pack. She had caught wind of having heard of him finding his long lost brother who had lived amongst his pack all along - Mabbit. But this was all seasons ago. The Stark boy had vanished.

A raven brought her word of the Lannisters, how close they were getting. She shook her head, this was only a warning. They were coming for her, because they knew she could take them with her Dragons. But they had died. The Dire wolf blood that ran through her veins had her give birth to her three pups, but they were stillborn. She wept and wept until she cried her eyes dry. She burned the tiny bodies and journeyed on. She needed protection. She needed Dragons. She needed an army. Her arctics widened as she realized she needed Grey Winds help.

She ran as fast as her large paws could, coming to the place she knew as Abendrot. The gates stench was of blood and corpses. She didn't catch the scent of Grey however. In fact she didn't find anyone's scent. Her nares flared as she continued forward into the packs land. She slowly padded up to a small clearing, where rocks scattered the world and protruded out as if to catch the sun. She looked up to the setting sun, as it faded through the twisting trees around the clearing. She let out a small huff. Deciding to take matters into her own paws, she lept up to the tallest rock. Her head fell back and she called out for any residing members who may have slipped away. Any signs of life. Anyone.

"All men must die, but we are not men."


|Adult|Dragoness|House Targaryen|Lover|Heirs|Home|


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