been out in the wild.

Not being recognised by Flynn felt like a punch in the gut. He was as polite and weirded out as he’d been when they’d first met, which was, frankly, saying something. Cal had probably only understood about forty percent of that conversation and she got the sense like Flynn had understood even less. They’d come so far since then, though. Flynn knew what a spitter was, Cal understood that Denahi was a fluff-monster and not a proper monster, and they both smiled when they saw the other one coming. Until today.

Her grip tightened subconsciously when he glanced sideways at Dylan, who was sporting an equally wary expression. There was something hiding in that look. Something Cal couldn’t identify, but she knew she never wanted to see it on Flynn’s face again.

She exhaled and relaxed her grip when he saw her for who she was, past the blonde hair and perfectly sculpted facial structure. She wasn’t sure she could confirm that she was Cal – through words or even by nodding – so held back. It would be awkward if she tried to say yes! and her mouth autocorrected it to no way!

“Weird man with a stupid green hat?” She repeated, letting go of him completely so she could scratch her head. “Yeah mate, I saw him the other day. He said something about adventures, then I picked up a pendant on a tree, then I was in Xara and I rescued you out of the volcano and re-bonded with Buddy, then I came back here and fell asleep and I woke up and now I have no tail, no claws and a thigh gap.” Pause. “And everyone thinks I’m Lorraine.”

She shrugged and held her hands out like, what the hell is going on and what do I do now?



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