one track mind, like a gold fish

Danny snorted when Lorraine - Cal - mentioned Buddy bailing on her. He supposed he had to feel a bit sympathetic towards the poor guy, it wasn't every day your fairy woke up a god, but at the very least he could have stuck around long enough to make sure Cal wasn't worried, and didn't look so... lost. A part of him wanted to track down his brother and drag him into the situation, if he didn't know already.

"Sure," Danny said at her request for help, falling into step beside Cal as best he could. She seemed to be... floating, just a little. Danny laughed, shaking his head at her question. "Nothing so fun as that; you know me, I'm too..." He shrugged, not sure what word to use. Cowardly? Anxious? Dutiful? They all made him sound terribly dull, which he really didn't want Cal to think of him. "I ended up organizing some of his archives and went to his meetings. It was really boring, actually. Though I did accidentally summon some of the best frozen yogurt I've ever had!"

Sol came thundering around a nearby corner, sliding to a halt just seconds from bashing his nose into Danny's hip.

"DID YA HEAR- OH MY GOD IT'S LORRAINE," Sol shouted, turning around and trying to make a run for it. Danny grabbed him by the thick blue-green collar on his neck, dragging him to a halt; this was possible only because Sol realized he'd been grabbed and didn't feel about hearing Danny's complaints over his scraped knees rather than because of Danny's strength.

"It's Cal, dummy. You seen Buddy?"

"I dunno what you've been smoking, Danny, but that is-"


"What? Oh! Ooooooooooh," Sol peered around Danny again. "I think I saw Buddy hiding in the forest earlier. I'll help you look."


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