i don't wanna die

Bohdi started to nod at Morgana's comment about how it was easy to keep things tidy when you had others picking up after you, then grinned when Morgana added that her other place was a mess. Bo's space was never filthy - she was careful about anything that could go rotten or attract pests - but she did tend to "nest", which usually meant a pile of blankets in the middle of the floor with piles of debris in random places. Blue had just started to take over most of the household chores after his most recent "age up", though, and the place was now unsettlingly clean most of the time. And he cooked! Terrible burned things a lot of the time so far, but still, cooking she didn't have to do, what could be better?!

Bohdi sipped from the glass Morgana handed over, her smile a little more glum this time at Morgana's smiling congratulations.

"Thank you," she replied, because she'd been told that was the proper response, and not yeah but I didn't even get to have fun this time! which seemed to make a lot of people spit out what they were drinking for some reason. Mprgana bent to the task, leaving Bo some time to think.

Pregnancy hadn't been the most fun thing in the world, it tended to make a lot of things that were fun harder at best and "ridiculously unsafe" (as Osulf put it) at worst. She supposed the after parts were fun, though. The cuddling and cooing and the love that overwhelmed everything were quite miraculous, and even the getting up at all hours of the night was no worse than staking out something, and catnaps were quite normal on long adventures. At least now when she woke up or fell asleep she always had someone warm and cuddly to snuggle with! Bo sighed a little at the thought, shifting in her seat. Her arms did feel rather empty without Isla's weight, now that she thought of it. And Isla wasn't going to stay tiny forever, especially if she caught whatever it was that Blue had and started getting older faster. Her hand dipped to her stomach, and her smile brightened again. All things considered, another baby wouldn't be so bad! And at least she wasn't nearly so far along that she couldn't go on her journey.

Bohdi bobbled her water glass when the Reaper appeared, nearly sloshing it all over herself. She popped to her feet, gaping at the woman for a long moment. She didn't look anything like Allianah, but Bo supposed that was alright. She might still be interesting. And even if she was boring as dirt, at least she should be able to point her in the right direction. Her lion eyes began to glow as she whirled back to Morgana.

"You did it!" she exclaimed, somehow resisting the urge to hug the princess (Osulf, reading her thoughts, nearly fainted at the mere idea). She turned back to Aura, pointing at her. "I like your shiny stick!"

blood is getting hotter, body's getting colder
i don't wanna die, so you're gonna have to


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