i don't wanna die

When Aura shrugged and spread her arms, Bohdi fought the urge to sigh. She was surprised gods weren't smarter. Not that Aura was slow by Bohdi's estimation, but she was rather used to people being one (more like several) steps ahead of her. Unless it was in battle, and then she usually had the upper hand. But the whole, shark-lion-metal-crazy combination tended to do overwhelm people, so that was probably at least part of it. She went back into her thinking pose at Aura's question, her brow furrowing as she tried to remember if Allianah had told her anything about the shape.

Man, Allianah was so cool. Bohdi even had a poster of her up in her room at home, and she talked to it every night. The kÝmmander hadn't spoken much with her, but Bohdi didn't mind. Gods were busy, weren't they? Or - she slid a glance towards Aura - most of them were. Still, maybe one day Allianah-

Oh, right. She was supposed to be thinking about something. Her face - which had taken on a dopey, starry-eyed expression most commonly found on the faces of women thinking about their lovers - quickly crumpled back into a thoughtful expression. After what seemed like forever (was it hard to tell time in the Inbetweenie realm? Bohdi thought so, but maybe gods were different), she finally shrugged.

"Dunno. Don't you know, magical-goddess-lady?" Bohdi asked, innocently. Her tone was neither accusing nor impatient, but more like "I figured you would know, or else I would have paid more attention" sort of tone. "Allianah, I mean, the kÝmmander didn't say, she said she couldn't because it was out of her jurisd-" she promptly forgot the big word and ended in a weird mumble with a strange upward inflection, as if she were asking a question. "Maybe... A lioness? Or a shark? A shark!" She pointed at a shadowy form in the distance, which was most definitely not a shark.

blood is getting hotter, body's getting colder
i don't wanna die, so you're gonna have to


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