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Returning..... maybe.

Hey y'all, so I'm sure like 99% of you have absolutely no idea who I am... So let me start by saying, my name is Morgin. I also used to go by Kharress. I've been around here on and off since Blossom Forest was originally created about ummm I'd say probs 500 years ago lol

Anyway, I digress. Life got in a the way a few years ago and I left again after a period of amazing activity and haven't really been back recently other than to check in every once in a while.

I've been thinking of coming back with one or two of my many characters, but life is so hectic right now that I'm not sure if I can commit just yet.

If I were to come back I'd need a few things from you guys, tho lol

1. Someone who remembers me please explain what the heck has been going on since I left xD I have no clue how this place runs anymore, all the packs are different, I'm just so lost.... Place looks great though, the new website looks even better than I remember! <3

2. If anyone is still around that remembers me, would you like me to bring back any wolf/plot in particular? I'm having a hard time choosing.

3. If you don't know me, say hi! I love to meet the new people who filter in and out of here every few years! And if I do come back to RP I'd love to thread with some of you and get to meet some new charries! Meeting new wolves always inspires me! <33

Thanks a bunch, see ya around :)

  • Morgin !!!! -
    Hi!!! -
    <3 <3 <3 -
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